Dev Process Improvements

This page is where I get to brain-dump ideas for improving the development/testing/packaging/documentation/etc process because making Issues for speculation feels dirty.

Standardize the Build Process on Grunt.js

It’s a Javascript project, so let’s use Javascript tools. Via grunt, folks should be able to: * Make a build * Run the qunit tests in a headless PhantomJS thing * Run the selenium tests * Check code for style problems

This is started here:


  • Convert all of the existing docs from the old wiki to RST for hosting on Read The Docs
  • Take a pass to remove all of the obvious errors and new stuff
  • Move most of the good info from the readme to a good sphinx structure
  • Move the stuff that’s unique on the wiki to the sphinx structure

Run the Unit Tests in Every Browser on Every Build

Testling-CI seems like the way to go for running our unit tests across our supported browsers. It won’t work for our Selenium tests, but it will at least make it easy to catch regressions and the like when lazy developers *cough*me*cough* don’t test in all of the IE’s.

Use travis-CI to run Selenium Tests in Chrome

It would be nice to run our Selenium tests in every supported browser on every commit, but it’s at least easy to run them using Phantomjs inside travis-ci:

Find Something to run Selenium Tests in Other Supported Browsers

There has to be a thing. Find that thing, and then use it.

Find a Better Way of Hosting the Demos

Joyent has discontinued their node PaaS that we previously used to host the demos. Either move to their Nodejitsu replacement, or find something else.

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