Dev Process Improvements

This page is where we brain-dump ideas for improving the development/testing/packaging/documentation/etc process because making Issues for speculation feels dirty.

Build Process

1. Minify/Concat all the things

HTTP requests are silly.

Put all of the plugins in the bundled version, changing any of them so that just including the code doesn’t activate them.

2. Support Custom Builds

Use an --exclude option to grunt similar to this. Then folks can make their own slimmed-down builds.


Better Structure

Current planned ideal:

  • index

  • getting_started/

    • index
    • setup (mention existing_integrations)
    • philosophy (or should this be on the website?)
    • getting_help (link to contributing)
  • customizing_wymeditor/
    • index (general overview of architecture and explanation of customization methods)
    • configuration_options
    • using_plugins (content from using_wymeditor/using_plugins and plugins/index)
    • using_skins
    • using_content_layouts (better name than iframe)
    • howto/ (instead of customizing_wymeditor/examples)
      • toolbar_items ?
      • etc
  • plugins/
    • index
    • core_plugins/
      • bidi
      • list
      • table
      • etc
    • third_party_plugins
  • skins/
    • index
    • core_skins/
      • silver
      • legacy
      • minimal
    • third_party_skins
  • content_layouts
    • index
    • core_content_layouts/
      • pretty
      • legacy
    • third_party_content_layouts
  • resources/
    • index
    • wymeditor_end_user_guide
  • writing_plugins/
    • index
  • writing_skins/
    • index
  • writing_content_layouts/
    • index
  • existing_integrations
  • upgrade_guide
  • changelog
  • wymeditor_development/ (as it already exists)

Automate Taking Demo Screenshots for the Docs

Screenshots are worth a thousand words. Use grunt-autoshoot to take screenshots of the examples and update the docs to embed them.

Code Cleanup

JSHint the remaining first-party files

Only things we don’t control should be in .jshintignore.

Don’t use eval()

It’s not necessary.

Vendor Rangy

We should include Rangy via bower.


Eliminate the Selenium tests

There are some bugs that can only be tested with native events, so we wrote Selenium tests for them. This kind of sucks, though, since it’s a very separate concern.

Instead, use one of the Java Applet-based real user event simulators.


Of the two, DOHRobot seems to have more of an active community. JSRobot is used to test TinyMCE, though.

Run the Unit Tests in Every Browser on Every Build

Testling-CI seems like the way to go for running our unit tests across our supported browsers. It won’t work for our Selenium tests, but it will at least make it easy to catch regressions and the like when lazy developers *cough*me*cough* don’t test in all of the IE’s.

Load all examples/tests on travis

Have travis load all of the examples and tests using phantomjs and verify that WYMeditor is at least finishing initialization.