WYMeditor Integrations

Most developers who encounter WYMeditor will do so via another tool, whether that’s a CMS, a web framework or another project. In an effort to encourage code re-use, we try to keep tabs on the projects that help you integrate WYMeditor.

Content Management Systems

Django CMS

django CMS

Refinery CMS

Refinery CMS is an awesome Rails-based CMS.

Frog CMS

Frog CMS <http://www.madebyfrog.com/>

Midgard CMS Framework

Bundled with the Midgard CMS Framework

Web Frameworks



Open Source Projects


Adminer: Database management in a single PHP file.

Commercial Projects


Kickstarter is a funding platform for creative projects. As of August 2013, they had raised over $700 million in pledges for more than 45000 creative projects.

They use WYMeditor for their project “Story” editor.


PolicyStat is a policy and procedure management system, primarily targeted towards healthcare.

They use WYMeditor exclusively as their document editor, logging more than 1.25 million editor sessions to date.